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Takeshi Kaneshiro Information:

Eye color: Black
Height: 5' 10" (1.79 m)
Nickname(s): Aniki, TK, Turtle
Notable feature(s): His impressive eyes
Education: After being bullied at a regular Taiwanese high school, the Gaoxong Preparatory School, over his mixed heritage, he enrolled at English-based Taipei American School, which enabled him to converse in English, making him effectively multi-lingual considering his fluency in Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, and Japanese.
Family: His father is from Okinawa, Japan. His mother is from Taiwan, China. He has two brothers (7 years older; 1 year older). In a recent interview in Hong Kong, 23 December 2007, Kaneshiro mentioned that he has one elder brother.
Resides in: Tokyo, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan

RELIGION: Tibetan Buddhism
Spokesman and Modeling: Emporio Armani Underwear, Prada, VAIO personal computer, Honda, Lipice lips moisturizer, SonyEricsson, Pocari Sweat soft drink, Morinaga chocolate, Volvic, GEOS language school, Petronus oil company, Japan Asia Airways, Hyundai Motor Company, Toyota MarkX ZiO, Mitsubishi Galan, NTT docomo the predominant mobile phone operator in Japan, NTT Yellow Pages, Shiseido, Lycos, UCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Kadokawa Shoten a well-known Japanese publisher based in Tokyo, Rice Burger, Roasted barley tea, One2Free (HK), and Kiwi cold drink, Lifecard credit card company,
Birthdate: October 11, 1973
Personal interests/hobbies: READING MATERIALS: mangas, philosophy,
-CLOTHING: shiny Leather suit (source: millions of pictures); casual, simple clothing; jeans, t-shirts
-THINGS: animals, photography (particularly likes to shoot the sky,Cest Moi 2005 ) , playing video games, surfing the net, reading

QUIRKY FACTS: don't like socks; always apologizes to the actresses before and after every love scene (Marie Claire, 2004) ; used to hate pineapples but have gotten more used to it (An AN 1998)

Quotes: “If one day I get married and have kids, I will probably be one of those men who really care for the family. I will eat at home every day, and help with the chores and take care of the children.”

Other:PERSONALITY: Shy, introverted, quiet
-Likes new experiences;
-Likes to day dream (China Bazaar 2006)
-Doesn't like to make plans (China Bazaar 2006)
-Easy going (China Bazaar 2006)
-Contemplative (Interview Mag 2006)
-Is a nonconformist (Fashion Health Mag 2005)
-Sensitive (UDN 2002)
-Possesses a child-like innocence (lots of interviewers and co-stars like to say that about him)
-Changes his mind easily (Time, 2003)
-Can be stubborn to an extreme degree if he really believes in something (Yonhap News, Jan 2008)
-Thrifty (Sandra Ng I, 2007)
-Reputed among journalists to be difficult, temperamental and prone to mood swings
-Hates crowds
-Might throw or break things when he gets really mad, though he says he is usually nice (Ecole, Jul 98 )
-Has a legendary reluctance toward the spot light
-Cries easily
-Doesn't spend a lot of time analyzing a person's character as he believes his instinct allows him to tell right from the start (Sandra Ng, 2007).
-Keeps his worries to himself, does not like to talk about his problems to anyone including his family or gf, would rather figure things on his own as he doesn't think anyone can help him (Patty Hou interview, july 08)
-Tony Leung on TK: intelligent, funny, individualistic, and straightforward (COP interview 2006)

- First went to visit Japan when he was 18 with friends.(Interview Mag 2005)
-Started in showbiz when he was 15 in a Kiwi drink commercial
-First went to US (Seattle) also when he was 18 because his father was living there. (Interview Mag 2005)
-Holds a Japanese Passport (possibly because of the Taiwanese mandatory draft )
-Fell in love with acting in ChungKing Express because of Wong Kar Wai; decided then he'd rather be an actor than a singer
-First on-screen kiss: Fallen Angels with Michelle Reis and Charlie Yeung (was edited out though )
-Has the same hairstylist/ make-up artist ( Eito Furukaba)) for over 10 years who is a good friend of his father (Men's Uno, 2004)
-Interested in becoming a director (Men's Uno, 2004)
-Doesn't like to fly, makes him feel unsafe (UDN 2002)
-Own(ed) a lounge bar in Taipei call Organo with a partner Source
-The Buddhist head necklace (an image of the "Buddhist of compassion") he usually wears was given to him by a fan.
-Has a pet dog (cest moi, 2005)
-Never took acting lessons
-First job was at a shabu-shabu (hot pot) restaurant when he was around 14-15
-Played Volley ball in HS
-Rather live in Japan than in Taiwan because the media is more respectful of his personal space- not a lot of paparazzi
-Doesn't exercise (sandra ng, 2007)
-Not a picky eater since he usually eats whatever is available in the moment
-Was a mischievous kid growing up and not much of a scholar (Tk's diary, 2001)
-Cried when Bambi's mother died

-If he looks like he overacted in the drunk scenes for CoP it is because the directors made him constantly drink real liquor.
-Worked on the 1st Omnimusha project for free
-Later Part of Anna Magdalena (storybook sequence) was shot in Vietnam and was TK's fav part
-He sang in Perhaps Love Movie and soundtrack
-Returner and Space Travelers rank in the top 100 of Japanese films
-chose the 80's music for 1985 segment on the Sweet Rain Soundtrack